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This might only be suitable for hardcore marketing geeks, and maybe fans of great hand-drawn animation and rock opera-scale music for the man. It’s a miniature musical I wrote for Arc Worldwide to help sell their shopper marketing credentials, and it features incredible illustration by Natalia Kowalezco (who also did the illustrations for my old website) and Joey Depakakibo; it was animated by Chris Neeley and his rich media team at Arc. The music was recorded by Chris Shepard at CRC in Chicago and produced by Jeremy Arth. It features Steve Kouba (piano), Mitch Marlow (guitar), Tad Santos (bass), Blake Cooper (drums), Marcin Fahmy (keys), Marisa Fiorito (shopper vocal), Patrick O’Connor (consumer vocal), Larry King (retailer vocal), Jeffrey Morrow (product vocal), me (Arc guy vocal), Rebecca Zimmerman (cello), with additional vocals by Karyn Costigan, Ava Fain, Anthony Foster, Lori Ann Montelbano, Nancy Slattery, Leonard Williams, Michael Starcevich, and Dan Thorne. It was executive produced by Bill Rosen, Barb Fabing & Marie Roche.


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