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Beneful “dog on the street” videos

In the summer of 2012, I led a creative team through the streets of Chicago filming a perpetual motion machine named Webster and two insanely cute shelter puppies named Cabbage and Crouton as they invited random strangers to play, all for Purina Beneful brand dog food. The videos were directed by Alex Fendrich at Cap Gun Collective, edited by Jen Dean at Whitehouse Post, and finished by Carbon VFX, with help from art director Brent Fagerburg, writer Dan Thorne, music director Chris Clark, and creative director Allen Morgenstern.

The videos feature the great music of Howes & Slatter (“Wake Up Happy!” in the workplace video), Bad Sports (“Inside and Out” in the street video), and Bartok House (“All to Pieces” in the puppies video).


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