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Shiny Ass Pants

The Good is a band I formed with my great friend and frequent musical collaborator Devin Arkin in the early 90’s. By 1997, we settled into our current incarnation, which includes guitarist John Scholvin, bassist Dave Rothkopf, and drummer John Goodman (not that John Goodman). In our heyday we performed hundreds of shows all over the Western hemisphere, released four critically-acclaimed full-length albums and an EP, and managed to tell people what we were up to by sending them cleverly worded postcards.

Eventually, we created a website with the help of our genius pal Ryan Fischer, and you can still see it, but please be prepared for comments about dial-up modems and a general lack of modern amenities like updates.

You can get most of our music on iTunes, download all of our music at my bandcamp site, keep an eye out for our once-in-a-blue-moon live performances, and you can even like our Facebook page, although you can’t get any postcards there. You can also watch a video we created for some ridiculous contest submission that includes a live television performance, circa 1998, or our unrecorded live classic, “Shiny Ass Pants.” Check it out.

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