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We Got Into a Submarine, or okay a cruise ship

For the first time ever I took my family on one of those crazy Caribbean cruise ship vacations, and let’s say I had some time on my hands and also a selfie stick, and it seemed like a pretty good idea to make my own music video for one of my favorite tracks off the…
  • July 8, 2016

The Being Where music video, a virtual Hollywood walk of fame.

I am no stranger to music videos, but when my band was roaming the earth, there was no point to spending a lot of effort on a music video because THERE WAS NO YOUTUBE. Alas, the release of our new Concessions album ushers the release of “Being Where,” the first ever music video by The Good, directed…
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  • July 3, 2016


I wanted to make a road movie without cars. The result was this epic music video directed by Michael Starcevich for “I.L.O.U.” from the Sycamore album. It was shot in around Plainfield, IL in the sweltering summer of 2012, and features gorgeous cinematography by Miles Kerr as well as aw, snap editing by Kenan Legg…
  • May 13, 2013
thanks for the ride

Thanks for the Ride

We shot the footage for this music video in the summer of 2011 with the gorgeous Karisa Bruin in gorgeous Lemont, IL. It’s the sister video to “ILOU,” the cousin video to “You wanna get in the backseat?” and if you can follow all that, you probably own the Sycamore album. Michael Starcevich directed this…
  • June 22, 2013

The Apology Project

This is a music video for “I’m gonna do better” from the Sycamore album. it’s also an interactive website that allows you to inject your own message of atonement and send it privately (or publicly), in the music video, to somebody who maybe you done wrong. The website was designed by the crazy talented Brent…
  • September 11, 2012

The Septembeard Project

Over three months of the summer of 2012, I teamed up with director Lauren Loehr, animator Erik Mickelson, and illustrator Vanessa Palacio to make this epic time-lapse photography video for the charity Septembeard, raising money for prostate cancer research. The song is called “With a Beard,” and it features 30 manly Chicago men growing beards…
  • September 4, 2012

Wanna get in the backseat?

We asked a few musicians to drive and sing without looking at the road; of course they did it because musicians aren’t generally that cautious, and voila: the second music video for the new “Sycamore” album. No tricks or harnesses or driving rigs… we shot it all while using a not-exactly-patented 3-person driving system to…
  • September 28, 2011

The Father’s Day Video

On Father’s Day weekend, 2011, I released the first music video from my new “Sycamore” album. It’s in two parts: 1) a “making of” mini-documentary and 2) the music video itself. The filming process and the subsequent reactions were both overwhelming; it stands as possibly my most rewarding creative project ever. More than a video,…
  • June 16, 2011

Purina Pro Plan – “Great” TV spot

Not so long ago, people got bent out of shape because Nike used a Beatles song in a commercial. Now, it’s about the only way a relatively unknown music artist can get his music out to the masses. Doing a jingle is one thing (not a bad thing) but I loved the purity of this…
  • February 19, 2012

Purina Pro Plan – “Show You How” TV spot

Our friends in St. Louis were so thrilled with the success of our first music video collaboration, they asked for another song to accompany user submitted footage of great dogs all over America. This one, “Show You How,” is a little more tribal, with one of my favorite guitar solos ever by John Scholvin. It…
  • April 4, 2013

Mustache Ride

This somewhat notorious music video (my first) has similarly-named competition from some pretty trashy fare. But this video, directed by Michael Starcevich, is a PG-rated (if even) affair that was created to help gain exposure for Movember, a terrific charity that encourages men to grow mustaches during the month of November to help fight men’s…
  • October 6, 2009


A is for AC/DC… W is for Weezer! I created this song and stop-motion music video with my children to help them memorize their ABC’s. I’m no educator, but I think cannibal pigs help in the learning process. And WTTW (Chicago’s PBS station) obviously agreed, since they picked up the video for use during children’s…
  • January 15, 2009


This might only be suitable for hardcore marketing geeks, and maybe fans of great hand-drawn animation and rock opera-scale music for the man. It’s a miniature musical I wrote for Arc Worldwide to help sell their shopper marketing credentials, and it features incredible illustration by Natalia Kowalezco (who also did the illustrations for my old…
  • February 15, 2009
shiny ass

Shiny Ass Pants

The Good is a band I formed with my great friend and frequent musical collaborator Devin Arkin in the early 90’s. By 1997, we settled into our current incarnation, which includes guitarist John Scholvin, bassist Dave Rothkopf, and drummer John Goodman (not that John Goodman). In our heyday we performed hundreds of shows all over…
  • chicago, Dave Rothkopf, Devin Arkin, Indie band, iTunes, John Goodman, John Scholvin, Pop Rock, Rock, The Good, Tony Rogers
  • June 11, 1998