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The Father’s Day Video

On Father’s Day weekend, 2011, I released the first music video from my new “Sycamore” album. It’s in two parts: 1) a “making of” mini-documentary and 2) the music video itself. The filming process and the subsequent reactions were both overwhelming; it stands as possibly my most rewarding creative project ever. More than a video, it’s an exploration of the unique and powerful emotions that exist between fathers and daughters; it features the genuine reactions of 35 real women of all ages, in the act of being surprised by their dads. You can watch in any order you want, I prefer watching the “making of” first.

The project was directed by Michael D. Starcevich and Matthew Achterberg in partnership with Concentrated production studio in Chicago, who fit every “without whom…” category in the book. It features the immeasurable talents of executive producer Jon Singer, producer Nicole Taylor, director of photography Marcin Szalkowski, editor Alex Cheng, and colorist Fred Keller at Filmworkers Club in Chicago. It won “Best Music Video” at the 2011 Midwest Independent Film Festival.

The song was recorded by Chris Shepard at Chicago Recording Company and mixed by Manny Sanchez at I.V. Lab Studios, Chicago. It features vocals by Marisa Fiorito (witness her stunning smile at 2:57 in the video), guitar by John Scholvin, piano by Steve Kouba, and bass by Tad Santos.


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