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Mustache Ride

This somewhat notorious music video (my first) has similarly-named competition from some pretty trashy fare. But this video, directed by Michael Starcevich, is a PG-rated (if even) affair that was created to help gain exposure for Movember, a terrific charity that encourages men to grow mustaches during the month of November to help fight men’s cancer.

The video was edited by Jeff Landsman at Foundation Post in Chicago, and features Dr. Meghan Roekle, Jason Frankena, Collette Delcase, Alex Montgomery, Debbie Mudd (Chicago’s Movember Queen), Kari Hailey, and Claire Quin, who also served as our intrepid producer on maybe the coldest days ever recorded. It won “Best Music Video” at the 2009 Midwest Independent Film Festival.

The music was recorded by Chris Shepard at Chicago Recording Company and features Mitch Marlowe (guitar), Tad Santos (bass), Blake Cooper (drums), Steve Kouba (piano), and Marcin Fahmy (electric keys).


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