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Purina Pro Plan – “Great” TV spot


Not so long ago, people got bent out of shape because Nike used a Beatles song in a commercial. Now, it’s about the only way a relatively unknown music artist can get his music out to the masses. Doing a jingle is one thing (not a bad thing) but I loved the purity of this project; that it’s an ode to the innate greatness in dogs. Millions of people agree; I’ve gotten digital mountains of letters from people who have been genuinely moved by the song and accompanying commercial. The original posting had millions of hits, but Purina has since taken it down and I have reposted it.

The song was recorded by Chris Harden and mixed by Manny Sanchez at I.V. Lab Studios in Chicago. It features Dave Rothkopf (bass), Devin Arkin (vocals) John Goodman (drums), John Scholvin (guitar, vocals), Marcin Fahmy (keyboard), Marisa Fiorito (vocals), and Steve Kouba (piano). The video was produced by Dani Jackson, edited by Jen Dean at Whitehouse Post, and finished at Filmworkers Club, Chicago.


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