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Pop Psychology

Earlier this century, my friend and director Michael Starcevich and I staged a one-man musical called Pop Psychology: The Modern Relationship Seminar Musical. It played like a sing-along romance seminar full of mostly original music—plus all original overhead slides—and it garnered lots of positive attention from critics and theatergoers around Chicago and nationwide. The show ran for 5 years on and off at various venues: at Davenport’s, at Schubas, and, at its apex, at the Mercury Theater (with producer Darren Cole). The show had a fair number of unpredictable parts, but every performance featured two being brought together for a bonafide blind date on stage. A few of those flung-together couples actually continued dating! which says something about the fine art of just rolling with it. You can’t see the show anymore, but you can enjoy this trailer for it, and you can download the soundtrack (voted “2002 Album of the Year” by Chicago Arts & Entertainment) at

You can even, if you’re lucky, still poke around the old website.

“One-man show,” by the way, is never accurate, and isn’t here either. This show was blessed by the production wizardry of Mike Mooney, plus the fierce piano playing of Steve Kouba and the occasional contributions by other terrific musicians including Taylor Nash, Tad Santos, John Scholvin, John Goodman, and Derek Fawcett.

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