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Wanna get in the backseat?

We asked a few musicians to drive and sing without looking at the road; of course they did it because musicians aren’t generally that cautious, and voila: the second music video for the new “Sycamore” album. No tricks or harnesses or driving rigs… we shot it all while using a not-exactly-patented 3-person driving system to pilot a 1972 Pontiac LeMans through the town and outskirts of Lemont, IL.

The video features the lovely Karisa Bruin, as well as heroic performances by Blake Cooper, Steve Kouba (thanks for the ride!), Devin Arkin, Nik Krimm, and Manny Sanchez, who looks like he might tear you apart but probably won’t. It was directed by Michael Starcevich, with huge production, shooting, and editing assistance by the intrepid Nick Edelberg and also huge help from our girl Friday (through Thursday) Jamie Simkins. The song was recorded by Chris Shepard at Chicago Recording Company and mixed by Manny Sanchez at I.V. Lab Studios, Chicago. It features additional vocals from Marisa Fiorito, Devin Arkin, and John Scholvin, piano by Steve Kouba, electric piano by Marcin Fahmy, and bass by Tad Santos.


One Response to Wanna get in the backseat?

  1. Migdalia Reyes

    Thanks tony yes I will sit in the front seat & listen to you . Now if you ever come to nyc please send me an email & I will b there


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