There are a lot of places I would eagerly time travel to: one of them is Leeds University on February 14, 1970, another is the breakneck stretch of days I spent reading Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” for the first time. It made me a fan for life, and I wrote this mini-opera as an accompaniment of sorts to Audrey’s illustrated book, “The Three Incestuous Sisters.” It’s a creepy but gorgeous book that is probably not for children too young to appreciate a bloody good death or two. The song, however, is pretty much all ages.

It was recorded by Manny Sanchez and Shane Hendrickson at IV Lab in Chicago, with extra vocals from Marisa Fiorito, Kim Revere, and Jamie Cronk Rogers; drums by Blake Cooper, bass by Tad Santos, guitar by Mitch Marlow, piano by Steve Kouba, and electric keyboards by Marcin Fahmy.