In 1996 a young college music critic named Manny Sanchez was so inspired by the Milky White album by my band The Good that he sought out its producer—Chris Shepard—and a new career in the music production business. Almost two decades later Manny approached us with an idea to complete the circle and return the favor:a new studio album by The Good, which he would co-produce and record at his I.V. Labs studios. So in 2016, thanks to the kindness, generosity, and immense talent of Manny and his staff, the band released Concessions: a double album full of brand new songs about movies: recent movies, classic movies, great movies, and strange movies. There are songs sung from the perspective of lovers, killers, time travelers, film directors, hookers, mafia men, invalids, amnesiacs, femme fatales, cyborgs, lawmen, criminals, soldiers, swingers, explorers, news reporters, and car salesmen… as well as a handful that cross into the slightly less interesting lives of the songwriters. The songs were either written by me or the immortal Devin Arkin, we are joined by John Scholvin, John Goodman, and Dave Rothkopf, who have made up the core of the band since 1997. You can get Concessions digitally or (!) on sweet 160-gram vinyl.

There are currently TWO music videos from this album: One for Being Where featuring a veritable Hollywood who’s who, and one for We Got Into a Submarine, with slightly less star power.