When my super talented friend, author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, asked me to record a song to accompany her upcoming non-fiction book “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” (now a bestseller), I quickly and happily plowed through her manuscript and wrote a song I was pretty excited about. I sent a demo to Amy, and a couple of days later she rejected it. It wasn’t exactly what she was going for. So I gave it a second stab, and she rejected that too. The third song did the trick, so much so that she decided she actually wanted all three. So I recorded “This is my story,” “A to Z,” and “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life” with engineer Scott Ramsayer in a hidden little rehearsal room on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The tracks quickly became the centerpiece of a compilation that summed up the highlights (and a few unreleased rarities) of my musical career so far. You could reject it, but really, wouldn’t you rather download it?