Sam and me

In the Spring of 2017, I lucked into a dream project: write and record a song with the legendary Sam Moore for a film promoting the Warrior Games in Chicago. I have just about worn out the grooves on my Sam & Dave vinyl copies: “Hold On, I’m Comin'” and “Don’t Knock It” and the original version of “Soul Man” that inspired the entire Blues Brothers phenomenon. Sam was a prince, and even at 81, his voice has all the power of those old records. He took my demo vocal and elevated it about one thousand and one notches, with production wizadry from the Grammy-winning Rudy Perez and Andres Bermudez in Miami Beach. I also recorded the Albany Park division of the Chicago Children’s Choir (featuring my superstar daughter Genevieve) with Chris Harden at IV Lab Studios in Chicago, and I think it all sounds pretty great. You can get the full version of the song on Sam Moore’s album American Patriot album (I HAVE A SONG ON A FREAKING SAM MOORE ALBUM) and you can check out the resulting film, which was shot by Weird Life (they’re also pretty great.)