dram a3

After the death of Devin Arkin, my lifelong friend and songwriting / business / creative / everything partner in The Good, I felt like it was time to do something altogether different. The Good will still perform from time to time, but we don’t have plans to create new material without Devin.

The new band is an entirely new animal. The indomitable John Scholvin (the stellar and longtime lead guitarist of The Good) and I wanted to create something heavier, more aggressive, but also more over-the-top and more focused on a SHOW… with a consistent goal of making the viewer/listener feel a good few feet taller, and celebrating the kind of self confidence that is never earned but often necessary. Elements of glam, elements of punk, baked into the kind of theatrical rock we love from bands like Queen in the 70’s. A four-piece with ambitious recordings but a stripped down live show made from guitar / bass / vocal / ridiculously powerful drums / six-foot letters made out of lights. And so Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood was born.

We’ve been working on the material since the winter of 2016/17, and have this year added the remarkable Jackie Schimmel (Sunshine Boys, Justin Roberts) on bass, and the thundering Greg Fundis (Led Zeppelin 2, 56 Hope Road) on drums. We recorded a 5-song EP, available for purchase or free streaming here.

Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood will play our first show at Martyrs in Chicago, Thursday December 13 at 9pm sharp. The Fifth Star Band opens at 8pm and you can get advance tickets here. We’re not sure about the audience impact yet, but it seems like it might be a good idea to proactively wear/ingest some sort of birth control for this performance.