At long last, my new band has finished and released a full length labor of lust. We’re really proud of it… it’s glam punk heavy rock that wears its influences—Queen / Bowie / Van Halen to name a few—proudly. It was recorded in late 2019, and finished just in time for a global pandemic in 2020. You can get it pretty much everywhere that streams music, like Spotify. You can also actually pay for it and help support a struggling indie band, or get it on CD or vinyl on our Bandcamp site. And, as ever, there is much goodness to be found on our website:

TINY BIT OF GIANT’S BLOOD are: Tony Rogers (that’s me)—Vox / keys, John Scholvin—Guitar / Vox, Jackie Schimmel—Bass / Vox, and THE BRAND NEW AND INCREDIBLE Larry Beers—Drums / Vox.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bryan Clavey at Crystall Recorders in Lombard, IL. It was produced by Tony Rogers & Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood. The original cover painting by Chris Gallevo.